Best of CMJ 2012
NPR’s All Songs Considered (October 2012)
“like a cracked out Lynard Skynard” – KWVA’s Thor Slaughter

Top Five Sets at Northside Festival 2012
Consequence of Sound (June 2012)
“Their garage-rock sound created the first mosh pit I ever saw in Brooklyn…Turbo Fruits set brought the no frills rowdiness that Northside needed and could champion.”

Review: Deer Tick @ Metro, 6/9
Gapers Block (June 2012)
“They rocked out the Metro with their bold, frenetic songs. With a sound that I describe as Arctic Monkeys meet Wolfmother, their music caused the Metro floor to rumble as concertgoers focused in, head banging and dancing along with the group.”

Live Review: Deer Tick, Turbo Fruits at Chicago’s Metro (6/9)
Consequence of Sound (June 2012)
“Mucked up the stage with speakeasy precision… Lead guitarist Kingsley Brock really drilled into each track, garnering attention from even his own bandmates. ‘He just has a filet mignon,’ vocalist Jonas Stein added with a smile, though he found his own inner psychosis soon after, which involved a screaming fit on the ground. As if that weren’t enough, Deer Tick’s John McCauley came out to join in on the fun, only adding to the party’s anything-can-go vibe”

Flavorpill’s Favorite Discoveries From SXSW 2012
Flavorpill (March 2012)
“An excellent way to start the week. Turbo Fruits can make any show feel like a party in your friend’s garage, and their performance fueled us for days of show-going ahead.”

SXSW Wednesday Picks & Sleepers
Austin Chronicle (March 2012)
“Country-punk powder keg Turbo Fruits knows how to have a good time. Formed by guitarist Jonas Stein, formerly of post-riot grrrl bloodletters Be Your Own Pet, the band is happy in delirious, deep-fried debauchery.”

SXSW 2012: Who To Know If You Go Or Don’t
Los Angeles Magazine (March 2012)
“A roaring, rocking fit that’s fun, frantic, and fine-tuned”

Best of CMJ
SPIN Magazine (November 2010)

30 Best Artists From CMJ Fest
SPIN Magazine (November 2010)
“Stein flexes confidence as a frontman, with a sexy croon and lyrical wit.”

Best & Worst Moments of SXSW Day 4 – Best Bad Attitude: Turbo Fruits
SPIN Magazine (March 2010)
“A wonderfully rebellious edge…A raucous cover of ‘Shakin’ All Over’ mad me want to roll up my sleeves, show off the ‘Born to Lose’ tattoo I never got, and smack the man in the mouth.”

Consequence of Sound: “Turbo Fruits shouldn’t be alive after a 65 day tour with Deer Tick, but they were the most alive band of the weekend.” (Top Five Sets at Northside Festival 2012)

Altsounds: “Turbo Fruits have a reputation for being one of the most explosive live acts on the planet…”

Weekly Dig (Boston, MA): “…everything you want in a live rock show: they were loud, their solos were awesome, they were tight as all hell, and the songs were interesting and varied enough to keep you involved.”

Guest of a Guest (New York): “The Turbo Fruits Live show last month deem worthy of our best 2k moments…” “The dropout sneer in Jonas Stein’s voice as he sang about frying his brain and getting stoned (different things, evidently), and the band’s revved engine roar gave what could have been a derivative set a wonderfully rebellious edge.” (“Best & Worst Moments of SXSW (2010): Day 4 – Best Bad Attitude: Turbo Fruits”)

FAZER: “…[Turbo Fruits] struck a balance between dirty garage and surf-style rock. It was almost like hearing the Beach Boys drown in an ocean of distortion with trippy riffs turned up to eleven. TF played with all the intensity of a junkyard dog off its leash, and rocked out like a biker gang riding into town before they kicked up their feet and took over. Their filthy style of garage rock was as refreshing as a new pack of cigarettes, so smooth and so dirty at the same time. The song “Volcano” could get anyone to get down with some serious strides in their step. The band ripped through their set with slick conviction and made it clear they had no intentions beyond getting everyone grooving.”

Santa Barbara Independent: “Over the course of one track, they’ll mix hoedown style foot stomps, spiraling ’60s surf rock guitars, Elvis Presley’s signature sexy snarl, and something that’s part punk fury, part southern jazz jug band. Whatever you want to call it, the combination epitomizes infectious fun.”

New York Rockmarket: #5 in Top 10 Performances of SXSW 2010

LA Times: “The Fat Possum-signed trio pull off the anachronistic leanings and recycled riffs thanks to their infectious hyperactivity and apostolic conviction.”

Sartoreality: “The guys killed it, buried it, dug it up and then rocked it right back to death! These Nashville natives certainly know how to throw it down. From start to finish they pummelled the crowd with potential hit after hit, each song performed with relentless intensity and energy. And the best thing about them is that they just look like they’re having the most fun ever and doing something they love. That kind of spirit spreads to the crowd and raises it for everyone.”

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