Turbo Fruits Jonas and Matt

Jonas Stein: vocals, guitar
Matt Hearn: drums

Nashville, Tennessee band Turbo Fruits have made their name with notoriously wild live shows and frenetic rock songs about girls, drugs and frying their brains. On ‘No Control’ their fourth and most self-aware album, the band emerges from their teenage haze of pot smoke with a fresh perspective, directly addressing the uncertainties and fear of serious relationships, real life and the chaos that can be created by life on the road …

“Turbo Fruits are one of my favorite bands from Nashville and they are also some of my favorite people from Nashville. I’m excited about their new album and glad they let me help out in making some of it.”
Patrick Carney (The Black Keys)

“By a mile, my favorite rock band right now.”
Todd Snider (Hard Working Americans)

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